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Experience ultimate security with our comprehensive approach

SADDI Protect & Prepare

Fully compliant with international rules and regulations, for example, in case you require CRITIS certifications.

At full interoperability between all of your deployed security products from all vendors across all platforms, you have the management of IT system and IT security merged into one single solution! You can easily follow-up on all security issues in the regular IT operations field and vice versa.

Managed Security Service

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)


Monitoring truly all end devices in your cloud and network

Vendor-independent Integration

into your current IT environment

Enterprise Solution

offering full Scalability and High Availability

Heuristic, behavior-centric Protection

against known, unknown and targeted threats

NGFW Segmentation

of all critical networks at risk

Our protection goes even beyond the tech aspect. We conduct awareness campaigns and workshops for your non-IT staff. Subject: Everyday Cyber Security.

It's not always highly skilled hackers who are a threat to our clients but the more or less IT-naive employee, for example, with opening a dangerous e-mail or attachment. Let us educate your team on security compliant behavior. We develop and practice routines for your employees to properly deal with detected potential threats.

Unfortunately, no security solution offers 100% protection. It's always a race between attackers and protectors. Let us support you with properly preparing yourself for getting back into operation fast in case an attack did cause damage.


Monitored, secured, certified - make sure it's truly ready once needed

Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning

Have a plan and processes in place for a worst case scenario

Penetration Tests

Test your protection layer against current threat patterns

Human Factor

Educate and challenge your staff on cyber security awareness

Emergency Data Center

Get a temporary, mobile data center from us if an attack rendered yours useless

Disaster Recovery Tests

Regularly test and train the worst case scenario

The procedures and tools implemented by us will keep your operational downtime and data loss at a minimum. Every hour counts after, for example, your production line got shut down by an attack. Get back into full operation within hours, not weeks or months!


How well are you protected?

Our 3-day Starter Workshop customized for your organization helps you to unveil your weaknesses and to immediately improve your cyber security strategy!

Day 1

With the participation of the client's CISO.

  • Current Situation & Future Plans
  • Requirements, Compliance Rules, etc.
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) Concepts
Day 2

With participation of the client's tech staff.

  • Current Security Architecture & Future Plans
  • Backup & DR Strategies
  • Network/System/Security Management
Day 3

Discussing the analysis and developing immediate next steps for improving your cyber security.

  • Results of in-depth Analysis incl. proposed Actions
  • Strategy for being well protected & prepared

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Latest Updates

POCABAR counts on Green Data Center

Contract signing for moving the first servers into the new data center built and operated by LEW TelNet. The remarkable key point: It's a high tech and completely C02 neutral Green Data Center.

The LEW Green Data Center's idea has excited us immediately; already at a very early stage. Therefore, we're now one of its first clients as well as its ambassador.

POCABAR Subsidiary launched in Dubai

The iconic Emirates Towers are home to POCABAR IT & CyberSecurity L.L.C, the first fully-owned subsidiary of POCABAR GmbH abroad.

Wolfgang Mair (CEO) is proud to announce that the subsidiary, after its soft launch in late 2023, is fully operative now. The POCABAR Dubai team is looking forward to several projects in the gulf region which are already lined up for the first half of the year.

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This position is with the team at our Germany based headquarters, therefore German language skills are mandatory.

  • Du hast mehrjährige Berufserfahrung mit Network-, Web-, E-Mail-, Cloud- oder Endpoint-Security Enterprise Lösungen.
  • Du hast ein abgeschlossenes Studium/Ausbildung in relevanten Bereichen.

Bei uns erwartet dich lösungsorientiertes Arbeiten in spannenden Kundenprojekten und im 2nd/3rd Level Support.


This position is with the team at our Germany based headquarters, therefore German language skills are mandatory.

  • Du hast möglichst Kenntnisse in Netzwerk und Security, mit viel IT-Leidenschaft.
  • Du hast ein abgeschlossenes Studium/Ausbildung in relevanten Bereichen.

Wir bieten eine Weiterbildung zum Cyber Security Analyst in unserem eigenen Security Operations Center (SOC).

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